Taxi Driver DBS Checks

An application for a Enhanced DBS Check is one of the most crucial measures to ensure the passengers’ safety is guaranteed. However, the process is a bit more complicated than a Basic DBS Check.

In this post, we have gathered and put together important tips to help you have a hassle-free experience when applying for a DBS Check as a taxi drivers. Also, we will help you to clear any doubts, and ensure you obtain the right DBS Check.

Background Detail on Application for DBS Check

All taxi drivers and PHV drivers are eligible for DBS Checks. This is per the police Act 1997 on criminal records. The amendment was done in 2012 and stipulates that all the drivers must obtain an Enhanced DBS Check.

The amendments were done to ensure improvement in passenger safety. Before the changes, only taxi drivers transporting vulnerable people and children were required to have an Enhanced DBS Check.

How to be Eligible to Obtain DBS Check for Taxi Drivers?

Every person eligible to apply for a driving license must have an Enhanced DBS Check. To pass this check, the driver must not be found on the barred list for both children, and the adults. This check is the most important as it helps to ensure the vulnerable group is safe even when on board.

For the applicant to qualify for a DBS Check, one must be participating in a regulated activity. But, it’s important to note that being a taxi and PHV driver, is not part of the regulated activity. However, the drivers can still become eligible for this Advanced DBS Check.

An individual driver cannot apply for a DBS Check. It’s the licensing entities that must seek for a DBS Check on behalf of the taxi driver.

When applying for a DBS Check, the third-party organization must choose ‘other workforce’ on the form they fill on behalf of the driver. Selecting the correct type of workforce ensures that the right information is provided in the DBS certificate issued.

An Application for DBS Check for Children Transport Taxi Drivers

Transporting children is not a regulated activity even though the taxi drivers carrying out this activity are eligible for a DBS Check. This is so even in instances where the children are on their own. However, picking and dropping off kids is a recognized activity, and requires licensing.

A taxi driver is carrying out a regulated activity if he ferries kids only, frequently, and is in a contract agreement with a school. Transporting the children using the vehicle should be for at least three days or more in a single month.

The school is recognized as a third party entity, and it’s responsible to ensure the drivers engaged have obtained the necessary checks. The school carries out the DBS Check on behalf of the driver. Apart from obtaining the Enhanced DBS Check, the organization also gets the children barred list check on behalf of the driver.

In cases where it’s a parent who has engaged a driver to be taking the children to and from school, the taxi driver is not engaging in a regulated activity. This is a normal taxi driving activity.

There are some instances where, although the driver has entered into a contract with a third party, the children are only picked up for less than the minimum three times in a month. In this case, the driver is not eligible for a barred list check.

Applying for DBS Check for Transporting of Adults

Taxi drivers transporting adults are not regarded as drivers taking part in a regulated activity although they might meet all the other requirements to qualify for a regulated activity. For instance, the driver might be in a contract agreement with a health organization to be ferrying adults from one point to another.

There are some instances when a driver may be carrying out a regulated activity. For instance, when the driver purely carries people with healthcare they need to be within a contract agreement and the frequency should be more than three times in a month.

The drivers must get an Enhanced DBS Check. It’s the third party organization which obtains the DBS Check on behalf of the driver. The DBS Check is without an adult barred list check since the activity is not a regulated activity.

If you have any questions regarding DBS Checks for Taxi Drivers then you can contact us so that we can support you with any questions that you may have.