Pharmacy DBS Check

A DBS Check for pharmacies remain a necessity when trying to determine eligibility at all levels of checks.

To simplify the DBS Check process we have created a quick guide that not only outlines eligibility but also explains the process in simple terms for your pharmacy.

Who Qualifies for DBS Check in the Pharmacy Context?

The qualifications for the DBS Checks eligibility are based on the nature and the role of the staff.

A pharmacy in a healthcare setting is not in the same category as a hospital or medical centre establishments. Working in a pharmacy does not guarantee DBS Check eligibility.

Here we reveals some of the common jobs in the pharmaceutical field and their eligibility for a DBS Check.


It is a legal requirement to employ only registered pharmacists. The General Pharmaceutical Council are the body for the registration process. Enhanced DBS checks are done on pharmacists. This DBS Check reveals exhausted and unexhausted convictions, as well as cautions, warnings, and reprimands for the applicant.

The barred list check request also suggests that the information about the applicant will cross-reference with both lists to ascertain the status of working either with vulnerable adults or children.

The pharmacists qualify for the Enhanced DBS Check due to the nature of their role. They engage in regulated activities through the direct provision of healthcare guidance and advice to patients.

Dispensary Assistants and Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians or dispensary assistant eligibility checks depend on pharmacy’s location.

The qualifications for checks are centred on the pharmacy technicians direct contact with patients seeking care. They qualify for the Enhanced DBS check too because they provide healthcare advice to the patient under the pharmacist’s supervision.

The Pharmacy’s location essential in determining the eligibility of the technician/assistant for DBS Checks against children or susceptible adult barred lists.

The legal requirement is that pharmacy technicians/dispensary assistants operating in the field of general surgery remain eligible for the Enhanced DBS, though with the barred list checks.

Alternatively, the applicants in community/high street pharmacies will require the Enhanced DBS with no barred list checks.

Qualification for Other Staff

Other workers’ pharmacies not dispensing medication do not qualify for either Standard or Enhanced DBS Check. Their activities are not regulated.

These employees are required to apply for a Basic DBS Check for their applicants. You will need to fill out our simple online application form with some basic details and your DBS Check certificate will be sent in the post arriving within 3-5 days.

To Conclude

DBS checks can be sophisticated because not all pharmacy employees are automatically eligible for a check.

There are primary points to put in mind when DBS Checks for pharmacies are requested. They include:

  • Considering the role of the applicant. For example, a registered pharmacist qualifies for the Enhanced Check with the barred list check.
  • Pharmacy staff seeking for DBS Checks should contemplate the location of the pharmacy. Such consideration can affect the level of check and level of eligibility.
  • Basic Disclosure Check should be requested for the applicants who do not qualify for the Standard or the Enhanced DBS checks.

If you have any questions regarding DBS Checks for working in Pharmacies then you can contact us so that we can support you with any questions that you may have.