Nannies & DBS Checks

Do nannies require a Disclosure and Barring Service check? This is one of the main concerns, not only for you as the prospective nanny employer but for the nanny or the nanny agency.

Dealing with children is one of the roles that require safety measures to be put in place and observed. Therefore, nannies must go through a DBS Check.

DBS Checks must be applied appropriately. You should first understand which DBS check is required. To what extent, should you apply this check for the nanny? Is it the nanny, the agency or you to apply for DBS check? Are there other checks that should be carried out for a nanny?

Information in this post will guide you as we will give you detailed DBS Check options.

Why do Nannies Require DBS Check?

A nanny takes care of children-one or more. In most instances, a nanny watches over the kids unsupervised. To be sure your children are safe in the hands of a nanny, it’s necessary to undertake a DBS Check for the nanny.

A qualified nanny must not be on the list of those nannies that are children barred. As an employer, it is illegal for you to employ anyone found on this list. For the nanny agency, every nanny in their list of recommendations must have a valid DBS Check.

Who Applies for DBS Check?

Many people ask who should process the DBS Check for a nanny? Mostly, the nannies seek their own DBS Check. But, there are cases where the employer will provide the DBS Check too. This will be subject to the role.

What is the Applicable DBS Check Level?

The DBS Check level is based on who is applying. For instance, if it is a nanny applying for the check, then one would only get the Basic DBS Check. The Basic DBS Check is suitable as long as the nanny is interested in roles that do not entail dealing with children.

In the event that an agency is applying for a check, it will be an Advanced DBS Check that is required. Agencies mostly seek for this check on behalf of a nanny. This request is applicable even when a nanny is registered with relevant regulatory entities.

If you have any questions regarding DBS Checks for working as a nanny then you can contact us so that we can support you with any questions that you may have.