General Practice Surgeon DBS Check

The purpose of a DBS Check for general practice surgeries is to ensure the safeguarding of vulnerable groups.

A DBS Check allows general practice surgeries to make safer recruitment decisions to ensure all employees are safe to work within the practice.

This quick guide for DBS Checks for GP surgeries provides information on who needs a DBS Check and the appropriate level for each staff member.

DBS checks for GP surgeries: who needs a check?

Health care services providers are highly likely required to undergo the Enhanced DBS Check.

Enhanced DBS Check are currently the highest level available. The details of this check include information for both spent or unspent convictions. It also details cautions, warnings, and reprimands of the applicants received. The police are also likely to provide an opportunity aimed at disclosing any information relevant for applying the certificate.

The role that provides direct health care services to the public will require an Enhanced DBS Check. Examples of these roles include nurses, doctors, and health care assistants.

Any personnel delivering health care services are entrusted with vulnerable adults and children. Therefore, they will need to be cross-referenced to determine their eligibility to work so that they are fully safe with vulnerable adults and children.

Anyone who works as a regulator or supervises those working directly with children or the vulnerable adults will also need a cross-reference check with an Enhanced DBS Check. The supervisors of health care service providers are classed as engaging in regulated activities, suggesting that they are entitled to undertake a DBS Check.

For the above reasons, DBS Checks for GP surgeries remain critical in safeguarding the nature and role of health care professionals.

Employees not providing healthcare

The general practice surgeries will have subordinate employees who are not engaging in any form of care. Such subordinate staffs include the administration staff and the reception. These staff employees will be subject to Standard DBS Checks not an Enhanced DBS Check.

The Standard DBS Check is appropriate for these job roles because the subordinate staff will not be providing care directly to the patient, but will have the opportunity to have face-to-face contact with patients who are receiving care.

If the staff members play roles of assisting in the healing process of the patient, the GP surgeries should request them to undergo an Enhanced DBS Checks. An Enhanced DBS Check would be required as their role will include the responsibility of vulnerable adults and children.

It’s vital for all employees working in the GP surgeries to be subjected to appropriate DBS Checks.

DBS checks for GP surgeries: Key points

The role of DBS Checks for GP surgeries is to ensure the safeguarding of vulnerable groups.

Confirmation of the level of check is necessary when requesting DBS Checks for GP surgeries because there are professional and non-professional employees.

The criminal record checking is mandatory for all GP surgery employees.

Regulatory bodies have their requirements for requesting any DBS Check for GP surgery employees.

If you have any questions regarding DBS Checks for GP practices or would like any further advice then you can contact us so that we can support you with any questions that you may have.