DBS Checks in the Emergency Services

Emergency service are critical in safeguarding people from injuries, preventing disasters, and assisting people to feel safe.

The police, emergency medical services providers, and the fire department personnel are accountable for keeping the population in their jurisdiction safe.

Emergency services staff should perform the right roles in safeguarding the population from risks.

The emergency services people should undertake DBS Checks among applicants. Here, we are explaining the basics of the DBS Checks among personnel assigned to take care of emergency services roles.

The Police

All roles included in the ROA (1974), except for those in Order 1975, qualify for DBS Checks.

The roles under ROA (1974) demonstrate that employees who are likely to work with children or vulnerable populations regularly are suitable for a DBS Check.

All police, regardless of their roles, are eligible for a DBS Check. The police personnel works closely with the general public. Therefore, the job applicants for the police must receive adequate screening. Such screening includes a DBS Check.

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency medical services providers are eligible for DBS Checks because of their role in close contact with the public and regularly. The emergency medical services providers will naturally interact with vulnerable adults and children.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 qualifies office employees providing care services to vulnerable adults, including health care professionals, for a DBS Check.

Emergency medical services applicants must complete a DBS Check form for necessary scrutiny to be carried out.

Fire and Emergency Rescue

Personnel in the fire and rescue services are given priority and positioned with trust and responsibility. Therefore, all fire-fighters are eligible for a DBS Check.

Fire fighters and rescue services personnel have the option to carry out activities resulting in an Enhanced DBS Check. Examples of events leading to eligibility for a DBS Check include delivering emergency care services or providing fire safety training to the public or children.

A Summary of DBS Checks for Employees in Emergency Care Services

An individual looking forward to a career as a police officer, a provider of emergency medical services, or a role in the fire safety department must undergo a DBS Check.

Any employee in the above group will interact and support the public. Therefore, a DBS Check will guarantee the public their confidence and trust.

We assist with DBS Checks for emergency services roles while the government has more information on DBS eligibility

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