DBS Checks at University

In this post, we have gathered and put together details about the regulations regarding the DBS Check application for university staff. This is crucial information that people inquire from us often. What are the rules for DBS Checks for university fraternity; the students, the staff, and volunteers.

Levels of DBS Check

There are different levels of DBS Checks. Let’s go through various levels before we dive into finer details about relevant DBS Checks for universities.

The following are the different level of DBS Checks-

Basic: At this level, anyone is eligible as long as they are 16 years of age and above. Here, the check reveals the applicant’s unspent convictions if any. You can apply for your Basic DBS Check here.

Standard: At the standard level, the applicants must state the range of the profession and the role they perform. For instance, applicants must state whether they are accountants, surgeons, etc. This level is more advanced than the basic level, and more details about the applicants are revealed. The check reveals both spent and unspent past convictions, reprimands, and any warnings.

Enhanced: At this level, the applicant obtains information as recorded by the police, in addition to the details offered similar to a Standard Check. For one to be eligible for this enhanced level of check, the applicant must be intending to work with children or vulnerable adults without supervision. Also, a person will be eligible for this check, if he will be engaging in a regulated activity. The applicant’s roles must be listed in ROA and Police criminal records regulations.

Do University Staff Qualify for DBS Checks?

University staff are only eligible for Basic DBS Check. They are not required to apply for a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check. This is because university students attending school are not bound by law to attend school. They study voluntarily unlike in primary and secondary where attending school is compulsory.

Unless there is a specific reason for staff to get an Enhanced DBS Check, the Basic DBS Check is sufficient. There is no justifiable reason for one to go through advanced levels of DBS Checks. However, some Jobs require one to undergo a thorough check before being recruited.

Some universities demand all their staff to undergo a Basic DBS Check before recruitment. Such checks are appropriate for all employees and help the university have confidence with the staff they are going to recruit.

Do Students Need DBS Checks in the Universities?

When students are applying for placements, they may be required to get a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check.

University students may need to apply for a DBS Check when planning to work in a particular organisation. The specification for the kind of DBS check to seek will depend on the organisation’s requirements. For example, if a student is targeting to work in an institution dealing with a vulnerable group, he will require an Enhanced DBS Check. Also, in cases where the roles entail regulated activities, the student will be required to obtain an Enhanced DBS Check.

During DBS Check applications, the applicant must be careful to fill in the right details about the roles. This information will help us understand the reason for the DBS Check application and ensure that you have applied for the correct DBS Check.

Do University Students Qualify for Volunteer DBS Checks?

The university students must first understand the definition of a volunteer as defined by the DBS.

If the students are participating in any of the following activities they are not eligible for a volunteer DBS Check since the activities are not in the category of volunteering;

  • Work placement
  • Holding a trainee position
  • Fulfilling course requirements.

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