DBS Checks at Gyms

Fitness is one of the main goals for many people, especially at the beginning of the year. Ordinarily, people like to set goals every beginning of the year. It’s unlikely to find a person who has not mentioned fitness as one of the New Year’s goals.

Gym attendants witness an increase in membership numbers every January. Many people register for a gym membership during this time as they are determined to work on their New Year fitness goals.

Owing to this fact, you may be asking whether DBS Checks are necessary. Are gym employees eligible for the checks? Which specific DBS Checks should a gym attendant get?

If you are looking for answers to any of the above questions, then the information in this post is for you.

DBS Check Levels

DBS Check is categorized into three levels;

Basic level: This is a DBS Check level where anyone is eligible as long as one is aged 16 years and above. All applicants for this level of check do not follow any specific application criteria. If you require a Basic DBS Check contact us and we can support you during your application process.

The standard level: There are specific roles that demand the applicant to apply for this level of check. Details about the roles are given in the Rehabilitation of Offender Act. Some notable professions include lawyers, doctors, among others. Notably, it is unlikely to find a gym attendant role being stated as one of the professions that require a standard DBS Check.

Enhanced level: For any person who would like to engage in an unsupervised activity, getting an Enhanced DBS Check is necessary. Any person is dealing with a vulnerable group of people in a community require this check. In some cases, the gym attendant will be dealing with adults that have special needs or children, and the employee will require an Enhanced DBS Check for this.

Who is Eligible for DBS Checks in Gyms and Leisure Centers?

Employees in this field are eligible for a Basic DBS check.

This check will enable the employer to get information about the applicants’ unspent convictions. If the gym owner is keen on establishing trust with the employees, this is the most applicable DBS check.

Importantly, if the employee will be attending to children or adults with special needs, the particular employee will be required to get an enhanced DBS Check.

DBS Eligibility for lifeguards

Lifeguards are important in gyms, and any fitness centres. They play a crucial role in ensuring safety measures are observed. In instances where the lifeguards are dealing with children, they are required to apply for a children’s barred list check in addition to an Enhanced DBS Check.

Some activities carried out by lifeguards are considered as regulated activities.

Lifeguards roles include;

Giving first aid when needed

  • Providing water rescue.
  • Supervising pool users
  • Preventing accidents.
  • Advising water users on safety.

If you have any questions regarding DBS Checks for working in Gyms or Leisure Centres then you can contact us so that we can support you with any questions that you may have.