Care Home DBS Checks

Care homes are institutions that deal with vulnerable people, therefore it is essential that it should be safe. DBS Checks for staff are one of the most important ways to ensure safety. This guide will offer you answers to any questions you might have regarding DBS Checks for working in a care home.

Do Staff in Care Homes Require DBS Checks?

All employees working in care homes require a DBS Check. This applies to all employees working in either children or adult care homes.

Vulnerable adults are people aged 18+ and that have special needs. For instance, people with a disability may not be in the position to self-rescue from harm. Also, the sick, and the aged fall in this category that would require care services.

Care homes are community-based institutions that provide much-needed care services. Care home workers interact with these vulnerable people often since they are responsible for a lot of their day to day activities.

All workers based in care homes must have a current DBS certificate.

Levels of DBS Check for Care Home Staff

All care home staff must get an enhanced DBS Check. Enhanced DBS Checks are crucial as they helps to reveal any past criminal involvement by any applicants. They will also providde any information held by the police to ensure that all staff are safe to work.

If the workers are engaged in a regulated activity, they are eligible for a barred list check. This list contains names of workers who have already been barred from dealing with adults in care homes.

Within care homes, regulated activities entail and are not limited to;

  • Shopping, and paying off bills.
  • Assisting vulnerable people in the institutions in personal matters like feeding, and washing them.
  • Transporting the sick, disabled or aged.

If the employees are not performing any of the above activities, they are exempt from the barred list check. Employees can still be working in a care home, and only do less personal duties like administration, and cleaning. In this case, they would only require a Basic DBS Check.

Obtaining a DBS Check for employees in care homes is important since it helps in enhancing safety for the home residents. Also, the family members with relatives in the care centre can have a peace of mind in the knowledge that they are under professional, security checked employees.

DBS Adult First Checks

With a DBS Adult First check, the DBS Check applicant can start work right away. They can be issued with a DBS Check certificate later while they are currently working.

This service entails the applicant’s details check against the barred list. After the application, the results are available within 72 hours. Based on the outcome, the applicant can proceed to work in the Care home. However, during this time, the applicant should work under supervision until the DBS certificate is out.

This service comes in handy when there is not enough staff at the care centre. This is the only exceptional circumstance under which one can join the institution using the Adult First Checks. The service is in no way a substitute for a Enhanced DBS Check certificate.

The care centres should ensure all safety measures are in place when the staff members have not yet obtained the DBS certificate.

Notably, Adult First Checks are not applicable when one wants to work in a care home dealing with children. The person has to first get the full DBS certificate.

If you have any questions regarding DBS Checks working within Care Homes then you can contact us so that we can support you with any questions that you may have.