Airport Staff DBS Check

Safety is quite essential in airports. Everything in the airport needs to be safeguarded. This includes passengers, overall infrastructure, and airport workers. It’s paramount to carry out DBS Checks as a safety measure.

What types of checks are necessary for airport employees?

The check requirements are based on the area of operation by the employees. If one wants to work in a restricted section of the airport an Airside pass is mandatory.

To obtain the Airside pass, you must meet the specified requirements. Employees with airside passes have met the requirements regarding good character, and their background is known.

The background check for employees entails the Basic DBS Check. You can apply for your Basic DBS Check here. This check is not limited to the citizens of a specific country. However, if one wants to get an Airside pass, he must present the equivalent certificate from that other country. The employee must prove he has lived in the said country for at least six months.

Who needs a basic DBS Check?

For one to be considered to work in an airport in any of the following capacities, someone must obtain a Basic DBS Check to work in any of the below job roles;

  • Certified trainer
  • Certified validator
  • Anyone unescorted in a specific area of an airport.
  • A security officer in charge of security implementation.

During the renewal of the Airside pass, the employee must obtain a Basic DBS Check. The frequency of the renewal for the Airside pass is decided by the airport manager.

Definition of Basic DBS Check

A Basic DBS Check refers to a criminal record check. If the applicant of the check has past convictions, the details will be revealed here. To be eligible to obtain a Basic DBS Check, you must be 16 years or older.

There are no elaborate requirements except the age specification. The Basic DBS Check is applicable for all the airport’s employees, and not limited to those who wish to acquire one.

How to apply for DBS Checks for airport employees?

It is the responsibility of the employer to obtain an Airside pass for their employees. The employer can apply for a Basic DBS Check for new employees or for the current existing ones.

As an employer, when applying for DBS Checks, you can apply directly through The whole process is not only quick, but it’s also simple. The employers have no excuse for non-compliance.

Alternatively, individual employees can apply for the Basic DBS Check on their own.

Importance of DBS Checks for airport employees 

Airports are sensitive points, and the safety and security of these areas are quite critical. The people in-charge of airports must do everything in their power to guarantee safety. They must employ the right personnel without a history of crime.

One of the important checks to be carried out on every employee is the DBS Check. If the employees pass this check, then they are suitable to work in airports. They ensure the passengers are safe within the airport, and that they are travelling under safe supervision.

If you would like to learn more about DBS Checks for specifically airport employees, then you can visit the Civil Aviation Authority site. You can also make any inquiries that you have about DBS Checks here so that we can support you with any questions that you may have.