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Everything you need to know about DBS Checks in 2020 after Brexit

It’s always a risk to introduce a new employee to your company. Are they a perfect fit for the job? Whenever it comes to dealing with disabled children or adults, finding the right worker becomes even more essential. To see somebody one on one can only show you so much. Do they have a record of violence? What about their police record? A DBS check is required to check out the complete record of a new employee to ensure they are suitable to work.

Keep on reading if you need to know more about how to obtain a DBS Check online and why a DBS check is essential.

DBS Check

  • Safeguarding your workspace and employees and children from unsuitable people is important. This is what we call DBS Checks (Disclosure and Barring Service).
  • A DBS check is finding the ability of some for a particular job. It is a completed record of the criminal conviction and misconduct of an individual.
  • It should be the basic requirement for people who apply to work with those who need special care like children and employees in the healthcare and teaching department.

What is a Basic DBS Check?

It is a type of DBS check which could be for any reason, including employment. A Basic DBS check is one of the lowest levels of transparency that regulates the Police National Computer with the knowledge of all existing convictions.

  • It is also used to help an immigration query, to test prospective tenants or to volunteer.
  • A person can personally request to the DBS for a basic check via online application.
  • The client can also request for a Basic Disclosure Check on behalf of the person through a responsible company.

Who Needs a DBS check?

The DBS check depends on the role of a particular employee. A company cannot select to DBS check all the individuals applying in their organization. Some specific positions need a DBS check as it is always required whenever an employee applies for a job around the vulnerable groups.

  • Hospitals

The staff members of a hospital administration and all the medical professionals need a DBS check. The basic reason behind the check is they manage all the confidential information.

  • Schools

Teaching staff, teaching assistants, sports coaches, and the childminders need a DBS check while applying for a job.

They stay near children all the time, so it is always required while applying for any job in a school.

  • Foster Carer and Social worker

Social workers and carers need a DBS check because they work in children’s homes.

DBS Check Online; Fast Track DBS Check

The importance of a DBS check cannot be neglected. They are almost required in each profession because no one knows who is a perfect fit for a job.

“DBS Checks” is an independent company that has been providing the services of Fast Track DBS Checks. Our DBS check UK reveals the warnings, convictions, and reprimands according to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

DBS Check Services offer instant online application processing and ensure all the data of your employee is submitted accurately in just 24 hours or 2 hours with our Fast Track Service.

Our support staff are available 24 hours, and you can get updates for your application through texts and emails.

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